Wednesday, December 30, 2015

This effort is planned, deliberate and well-executed. Its result deafens America to God’s intentions for His creation. All around us men and women, young and old, are falling into lewd, gross immorality sexual and otherwise. Even babies in the womb have greatly suffered, their mutilated, aborted bodies bought and sold for profit. That is just the tip of the iceberg. It sickens my heart to see how low we have sunk with civic government, media, and education leading Americans in this numbing of our national conscience.

As a Christian growing in faith, I decided to get involved. The more I learned, the more I saw how unaware I was of God’s “non-negotiable” moral values and I was not alone. Over the years, I have found this ignorance to be pervasive in the church. I found myself praying in a way I had never done before. It was with a spirit of heartfelt repentance for our seeming indifference yours, mine and ours as we collectively ceased to make faith relevant in the culture.

But, I didn’t want to go it alone. To that end, I started what has become a nationwide, daily prayer conference call that is named, RandRPrayer.org. “R and R” is short for “Repentance and Restoration.” Nothing like hitting a subject head-on, on what you don’t know!

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Ah, but on the prayer line, we have learned it is a spirit of humility that unlocks God’s mercy. He tests us with a hypothesis: “If if if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray, and turn from their wicked ways, then ” 2 Chronicles 7:14

The word “if” implies repentance, and that is not an attractive word. Repentance doesn’t invoke joy. It invokes sorrow, and sharing in grief over how wicked our nation has become aborting millions of babies, lewd immorality, human trafficking, and so much more. Yet, repentance is believing that God will be merciful and kind. It is believing you can be an agent of change who lives a life revived in faith. Repentance is the door through which to pass to reach the prize: restoration. Thus, the second name for this prayer line is restoration, as we seek God to restore our land.

With all America’s faults, we are still a great nation worth saving. I believe it. We, on the prayer line, believe it. Steadfastly, we pray for the church to move into her rightful position and see restoration actually occur. God wants to restore us. But, first wait for it we must humble ourselves and repent.

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Showing up with all our human frailties, those of us on the prayer line manage to meet every day same time, same line, same Spirit of the Lord. We pray while having our morning coffee. We pray while we are working. We pray from our desks. We pray in our kitchens. We pray kneeling and prostrate. We pray in silence. We pray in our closets. We pray as one body with one purpose: to see the restoration of America’s relationship with God.

Learning from each other, some prayer warriors inform us of breaking news before most people even know what is going on. I am so grateful for that. Unfortunately, much of the news is not good, as we enter dark days where the mere mention of Jesus in a work environment will get you written up. This is unprecedented and sinful.

It breaks my heart to see the nation’s current path. We have never been a perfect country. Yet, we have more love, faith, and generosity than most any other nation. We are worth fighting for. That is what we Christians do. We never give up believing that Jesus is the remedy for our national sins.

To this end, we pray daily for our government officials, our states, and Israel. We have partnered with the American Prayer Initiative in posting their topical prayers, and we host prayer guests who lead a variety of national organizations.

Those on RandRPrayer.org desire nothing less than to restore our Judeo-Christian ethic in government, schools and media. We pray not because we have to, but because we want to with hearts open to hear from God and obey through Christ-centered action. It has become a privilege and honor to daily touch the Lord of all creation through prayer and to do so in communion with friends.

Ms. Dran Reese, founder and president of The Salt & Light Council, is host of the daily prayer line www.RepentanceandRestoration.org (www.RandRPrayer.org)

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