- The Washington Times
Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Hawaiian lava flow that has been on a painfully slow path of destruction since June has prompted officials to call out the National Guard.

Hawaii County Civil Defense Director Darryl Oliveira said Thursday that 83 troops will head to Pahoa to provide security, set up roadblocks and assist with other safety issues as lava from the state’s Kilauea volcano continues towards the town of roughly 1000 residents.

“She is so gentle, but so unrelenting. She is just slow and steady,” said retiree Jamila Dandini at a local coffee shop, The Associated Press reported Thursday.

Locals will soon have to figure out how to conduct business as the lava flow, which travels at about 5 to 10 yards an hour, nears the town’s main road. Worse, the lava randomly changes directions, so no one knows if their home is safe while it continues on its path.

“It’s like slow torture. It speeds up, it slows down. It speeds up, it slows down,” said Paul Utes, who owns the Black Rock Cafe, AP reported. He added that he has no idea how his vendors will supply him with products when the lava cuts across the road to his establishment.

Some businesses have already closed, while others aim to stay open and hope for the best, AP reported.

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