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Friday, October 24, 2014

One of the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angel pilots recently flew right over the Golden Gate Bridge during rush hour, and the moment was perfectly caught on camera by a fan.

Tiburon, California, resident Rich Shelton captured Lt. Cmdr. David Tickle fly his F/A-18 right above San Francisco traffic Oct. 9 during Fleet Week.

“They don’t always make many passes between the towers, so I was very lucky to catch this shot with my relatively slow camera!” Mr. Shelton told Navy Times.

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Navy Times reached out to Blue Angels for comment and was assured that all necessary safety precautions were taken prior to the flight.

‘While a challenging show to fly, San Francisco, like each of our shows, is conducted under the oversight of the Federal Aviation Administration and Blue Angel safety observers,” Blue Angels public affairs officer Lt. j.g. Amber Lynn Daniel said in an Oct. 23 email to the paper.

The officer added that all maneuvers are conducted with FAA guidance and pilots only fly straight and level over the bridge.

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“The more well-known Blue Angel aerobatic maneuvers are flown in areas away from drivers and the local population,” Lt. j.g. Daniel said, Navy Times reported.

Mr. Shelton’s image was taken on the south side of the bridge while he stood on the top of old War War II bunkers, the paper reported.

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