- The Washington Times
Thursday, October 2, 2014

One in four Americans say they support the tea party, according to a Gallup poll that shows support for the pro-liberty wing is down from its successful wave in 2010, yet has been relatively steady since late 2011.

Tea partiers rose to prominence with their opposition to President Obama and his health care law more than four years ago, when Americans’ support for the group reached 30 percent in multiple 2010 polls.

Support dropped the next year and has wavered slightly since then, according to Gallup.

Gallup said 31 percent of Americans consider themselves tea party opponents — the highest level to date — while 44 percent are neither supporters nor opponents.

“The lower support for the tea party reflects the group’s more limited impact in primary election contests this midterm election year, compared with its major role in 2010,” the pollsters concluded.

Tea party-backed candidates failed to take out more moderate Republican incumbents in key Senate contests this year.

However, tea party favorite David Brat knocked House Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia from his perch in June.

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