- The Washington Times
Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The U.S. Army needs a jungle boot that can dry quickly while protecting its soldiers against booby traps favored by enemies in warm, wet regions. The Pentagon thinks it may have found a winner.

Soldiers in Hawaii will begin testing a new jungle boot created by Rocky Brands in January. Rocky’s Enhanced Jungle Boot is the latest iteration of its S2V jungle boot, which is crafted based on soldier feedback. If it performs well enough in the field, then it may replace the Army’s current “hot weather” boot, Army Times reported Tuesday.

The new boots offer protection from punji sticks in the jungle, include flame-resistant laces, heels designed for steep, wet environments and outsoles designed to better shed caked-on mud, the paper reported.

The new Enhanced Jungle Boot will be worn by soldiers at the 25th Infantry Division’s Jungle Operations Training Course (JOTC) in in Hawaii.

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