- The Washington Times
Friday, October 10, 2014

Arnold Schwarzenegger famously said of the alien warrior in 1987’s “Predator,” “if it bleeds, we can kill it.” Fans of Archie Andrew will now get to see how the comic character fares against the savage extraterrestrial.

Dark Horse Comics and Archie Comics are teaming up in 2015 to put Archie and the gang in danger, and there will be no Arnold Schwarzenegger or Carl Weathers to save them.

“Let’s take this gentle, beloved, classic teen cast and hunt them down and slaughter them one by one. Seriously, if you wouldn’t jump at the chance to write something like this, you need your head examined,” writer Alex de Campi told USA Today.

The characters will be vacationing in Costa Rica when their run-in with the Predator begins.

Mr. de Campi told USA Today that feedback from his fellow collaborators has been positive, saying “The Archie team are really supportive of all the horrible things I’m doing to their beloved characters — in fact, they suggested a few of them.”

The writer said he also plans to put hidden homages to the original movie throughout the comic for readers to find.

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