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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Defense analysts in the nation’s capital estimate the three-month tab for U.S.-led airstrikes at close to $1 billion.

An independent analysis conducted by the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments concluded that the U.S. spent $780 million to $930 million targeting the Islamic State group through Sept. 24, Military.com reported Tuesday.

The center’s independent analysis of airstrike spending said, “The cost of future operations depends primarily on how long operations continue, the intensity of air operations, and whether additional ground forces are deployed beyond what is already planned,” the website reported.

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Depending on whether the Obama administration adopts a low- or high-intensity posture as airstrikes continue, analysts said, the federal government will need to provide the Pentagon with $2.4 billion to $6.4 billion per year.

The Pentagon is spending $7.5 million per day on airstrikes, Military.com reported. In addition to its $496 billion base-budget request for 2015, it also has asked Congress for $59 billion in war budget funding.

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