- The Washington Times
Monday, November 24, 2014

A China hospital is giving fathers-to-be the chance to experience firsthand what it feels like to deliver a baby — from the mom’s perspective.

The Hangzhou Aima maternity hospital allows for a nurse to send an electric current to a pad that’s placed above the abdomen of volunteering men, Reuters reported.

Over the next five minutes, the current is increased until the men “writhe in agony,” according to a British TV report.

One man said the pain seemed as if his “heart and lungs were being ripped out,” Reuters reported. And another bailed about halfway through the five-minute experience.

“I thought giving birth to a baby was something naturally, something really normal that women could get through,” one told the BBC. “After this, I realized it’s not easy giving birth. It’s just painful.”

The hospital says the men did not suffer long-term side effects from the experience.

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