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It is time to go to the streets again.

In February 2009, in response to Barack Obama’s massive and fraudulent spending, real Americans took to the streets. Rick Santelli made his famous rant on CNBC and eight days later, the Tea Party movement was born.

Now it is time to do it again.

Michele Bachmann has called for a rally in Washington, D.C., on Dec. 3.

Good idea. Wrong venue.

When the Tea Party sprang up in 2009, we had local rallies. On Wednesday, Dec. 3, real Americans need to stand up to the lawlessness of the Obama Regime with local rallies.

For America, this is the make or break movement.

As soon as Mr. Obama made his dictatorial announcement, a new wave started. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) expects 100,000 new illegal aliens to cross the border. There is a principle Mr. Obama knows too well. If you give them free stuff, they will come.

Part of the Obama dictatorial order on amnesty allegedly requires illegal aliens to get into our tax system. The lie that is being sold to America is that they will “pay taxes.”

No, they will file returns.

The income of most illegal alien families is so low they will receive something called the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). If a family of four has an income of under $20,000, they get a payment from the government of $14,590.

In other words, a welfare payment from the real American taxpayer. They will receive Obamacare and every other form of welfare we have.

As Mr. Santelli said years ago, “He is encouraging bad behavior.” No, it is far worse. He is engaged in a strategy that will deliberately break the American economy.

Real Americans have two choices. We can sit back and watch the nation collapse or we can make a stand.

On Wednesday, Dec. 3, real Americans need to make a stand. Not in Washington, D.C., but in hometowns through out America. Like we did in 2009, we need to go downtown in America’s hometowns. In 2009, we put millions of Americans on the street to protest the first illegal acts of the Obama Regime.

We must do that again.

Organizing rallies is not that hard and today we have Tea Party groups in existence that we did not have in 2009. Instead of Washington, we need to have these rallies in our hometowns and invite our senators and congressmen but more importantly state legislators.

The Republicans in Washington must be made to understand that they have to act to stop Mr. Obama and if they do not, they will find themselves being challenged in 2016. Real Americans must insist on real action. Some Republicans in Washington think that symbolic acts, such as “censuring” Mr. Obama will do something.

That is not real action.

The great conservative activist Morton Blackwell is famous for saying, “When they feel the heat, they will see the light.”

The first Tea Party rallies in 2009 came as a surprise to the Obama Regime. The Tea Party movement slowed the regime down and blunted some of its efforts. The Tea Party movement was such a threat that the Regime used every resource in its power to attack some of the real Americans who made up the movement.

It is time.

If we do not speak now, we will condemn our children and grandchildren to that future Ronald Reagan warned us about, where we would tell them stories about growing up in America when people were free.

On Wednesday, Dec. 3, real Americans who make up this country must speak. If we do not speak now, soon there will be no America for us to speak for.

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