- The Washington Times
Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The co-founder of the peace activist group CodePink, Medea Benjamin, said Egyptian police have grabbed her and put her in jail, breaking her arm in the process.

She’s appealed for the United States or for someone else to intervene and save her, CBS reported.

Ms. Benjamin sent out a message on Twitter, along with a photo of her jail cell: “Help. They broke my arm. Egypt police.”

She also tweeted that her jail cell was cold and that she was only fed “dirty stale bread and dirty water.” Ms. Benjamin also said another woman in the cell was “moaning all night” because guards wouldn’t let a doctor tend to her, CBS reported.

Ms. Benjamin said she was detained and jailed at a cell at Cairo airport just as she arrived in the country, and without explanation. She was supposed to meet a delegation at the airport and then head to the Palestinian-occupied section of Gaza for a women’s conference, CBS reported.

Egypt has cracked down hard on those who support ousted president Mohammed Morsi or the Muslim Brotherhood. It’s not clear whether Ms. Benjamin’s imprisonment was tied to that crackdown, however, CBS reported.


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