Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Russia’s takeover of Crimea is just the latest proof that the old adage “might makes right” is every bit as true today as it has been throughout history (“It’s morning in Moscow, is it midnight in America?” Web, March 19).

The stronger person, group or country has always been able to impose its will on its weaker counterparts — and that is exactly what happened when Russia sent its military into Crimea and effectively took it away from Ukraine and placed it firmly in the Russian sphere.

The Ukrainians were weaker than the Russians and couldn’t stop them from taking over Crimea and dividing their country. Russian might trumped Ukrainian weakness and meant that the Russians could do whatever they wanted to Ukraine and Crimea, whether the Ukrainians liked it or not, which they most assuredly didn’t.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, like every single dictator who ever lived, understands the truth of the adage. Mr. Putin knew that Ukraine couldn’t stop him and that the United States, the only other country with the capacity to stop him, wouldn’t do so under President Obama. That knowledge caused him to go ahead. He knew that he had nothing to fear from a weak Mr. Obama and that he could march into into Crimea and do as he pleased.

Here’s what really happened to Ukraine: Mr. Putin’s strength might has trumped Mr. Obama’s weakness. The stronger overcame the weaker, might made right, as it always does and always has done. Mr. Putin understands this but Mr. Obama demonstrably doesn’t, which he’s shown Ukraine and in the totality of his foreign policy track record as well.

America is surrounded by powerful, determined enemies who would like nothing more than to bring it to its knees and destroy it. The last thing Americans need is a weak president. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what they have in Mr. Obama. America’s enemies are getting stronger every day — and under Mr. Obama, America is getting weaker every day.


Comox, British Columbia

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