Tuesday, March 11, 2014


It is almost farcical for the Obama administration to again go crying to an unimpressed international community to follow it onto the playing field of Ukraine (“Send in the U.N. monitors, White House pleads with Putin,” Web, March 5).

First, President Obama sends the great stone face of Secretary of State John F. Kerry, a man far more suited to deal with table condiments than a communist dictator, to try to bully, bluff and bluster Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Mr. Kerry and our novice president have recorded a string of international blunders that have telegraphed the United States’ inability to stand firm or defend any line-in-the-sand policy.

Mr. Kerry, the modern version of Neville Chamberlain, agrees with Mr. Putin that the riots in Ukraine constituted an “unconstitutional coup.”

This is very odd, seeing as how Messrs. Kerry and Obama have abused and violated the U.S. Constitution on a daily basis. They make Mr. Putin look like a moderate.

Mr. Putin invaded Ukraine, but ethnic Russians were never under threat. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel chimed in that “this is a time for wise, steady and firm leadership.”

When, during the tenure of Mr. Obama, has the president or any of his minions demonstrated wisdom, steadfastness or leadership — at any level?

Mr. Obama promised Mr. Putin more flexibility after the 2012 election, and our president’s lack of spinal strength clearly demonstrates that flexibility now.

It’s one Marxist dealing with another Marxist to one endgame; namely, the weakening and destruction of the United States.



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