- Associated Press
Wednesday, June 4, 2014

DAMASCUS, Syria — Syria’s parliament speaker says PresidentApple-converted-space”> Bashar AssadApple-converted-space”> has been re-elected by a landslide, capturing 88.7 percent of the vote.

Jihad Laham said Wednesday Athat ssad’s two challengers, Hassan al-Nouri and Maher Hajjar, won 4.3 percent and 3.2 percent respectively.

The Supreme Constitutional Court says turnout was 73.42 percent.

Tuesday’s vote was only held in government-controlled areas, and the opposition has denounced the election amid Syria’s civil war as a farce.

Assad‘sApple-converted-space”> victory was always a foregone conclusion, despite the presence of other candidates on the ballot for the first time in decades.

The win boosts his support base, and provides further evidence thatApple-converted-space”> AssadApple-converted-space”> has no intention of relinquishing power.

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