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Friday, January 31, 2014

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi elicited laughter from “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart on Thursday when she said she didn’t know why the Obama administration’s rollout of the Affordable Care Act was executed so poorly.

“OK, we are going to set up a health care website that is an exchange. People are going to come to it. Why is it so hard to get a company to execute that competently?” Mr. Stewart asked during an appearance by Mrs. Pelosi on the show.

“I don’t know. As one who was very —” she said, at which point Mr. Stewart burst into laughter.

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“What do you mean you don’t know? How do you not know?” Mr. Stewart said.

“That’s not my responsibility,” the congresswoman said.

Mr. Stewart asked whether regulation has become “so onerous that government can no longer be agile enough to tackle these kinds of programs.”

Mrs. Pelosi replied that there was “no excuse” for the website not to work.

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