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Saturday, January 18, 2014

An Iranian bachelor who hasn’t bathed in 60 years may be the the world’s dirtiest man, the Daily Mail reported.

Amou Haji is 80 years old, single and looking for a mate. Mr. Haji, who lives in the Dejgah village in the southern Iranian privince of Fars, admits that he chose his alternative lifestyle because he believes that showering will make him sick.

A group of young men once offered to give Mr. Haji a shower, but luckily he managed to escape.

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Apart from refusing to bathe, Mr. Haji also has an interesting diet, living off the land and eating rotten meat. His favorite dish is rotten porcupine, which he washed down with five liters of water a day from a rusty oilcan.

In his spare time, Mr. Haji likes to relax by smoking his pipe, which he packs with animal feces. He prefers to sleep in a hole in the ground, similar to a grave, and on occasion will switch it up for a night in an open brick shack.

Mr. Haji usually dons an assortment of rags and adds a war helmet to fend off the winter chill. He does put some effort into his appearance though, some villagers have reported seeing Mr. Haji checking himself out in the side-view mirrors of cars and he keeps his hair trimmed by burning it off in an open fire.

According to the Daily Mail, Mr. Haji chose his strange lifestyle due to some emotional traumas from his youth and decided to live an isolated life as a result.

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