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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Welcome to 2nd Grade, 2014. Writer Edward Scheinman tweeted a “How to Fall in Love,” list that was written by two Boston children at the school that employs his sister. The contents, as well as the chronology, of the unfinished assignment prompted Mr. Scheinman to call it the “best thing you will read all day.”

The girls completed 11 of 24 blanks on their sheet of paper:

1. First you stare at the person.

2. You get close to each other

3. You ask for a date.

4. You go in bed and do sex

5. When you kiss you suck and lick

6. Get nacked [sic] in bed and do more sex.


8. Go dance and put your noses together.


10. You go in bed forever Then kiss forever.

11. Take a shower together and kiss.

12. Give each other rings.

13. Go to the pool together.

Mr. Scheinman’s sister did not reveal the identities of the children, ABC News reported.

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