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Friday, February 14, 2014

An anti-drone activist in Pakistan says he was kidnapped, interrogated and tortured by men in police uniforms and civilian clothes before being discarded on the outskirts of Islamabad Friday morning.

Kareem Khan was abducted Feb. 5 by roughly a dozen men in sight of his wife, children and neighbors, his lawyer, Shahzad Akbar, told Reuters.


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“He was questioned about so many people he had no idea about. He was also questioned about drone victims by name,” Mr. Akbar said, according to Reuters. “He was told not to go near media when he was released. If you speak with media, they said, we will come back for you.”

Mr. Khan’s brother and son were killed in 2009 in a drone strike. He is suing the Pakistani government and the CIA for the deaths.

Mr. Khan was dumped blindfolded outside the capital after the ordeal, Mr. Akbar said.

Although there were no visible signs of torture, Mr. Akbar said attempts are being made to get Mr. Khan flown out of Pakistan to see a doctor. Mr. Khan also plans to talk with European lawmakers.

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