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Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Venezuelan ice cream parlor and Guinness World Records holder, known for its 863 different flavor options, has closed its doors for the season due to the country’s economic crisis.

“We are closed during the season due to a shortage of milk,” the famous Coromoto ice-cream store in Merida announced on its Facebook page, Reuters reported Saturday.

Locals said a sign on the shop’s closed door asked customers’ forgiveness “for not attending you due to the lack of milk.”

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Due to record breaking inflation rates and strict currency controls Venezuelans have been suffering shortages of basic goods like toilet-paper and spare tires this year.

President Nicolas Maduro blames political opposition and the country’s wealthy classes for worsening the problem by hoarding and price-gouging to wage an “economic war” against him, Reuters reported.

The continuing economic crisis has caused public opinion of Mr. Maduro to plummet; one local poll shows him at just 24 percent approval, Reuters reported.

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