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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

From Harvard to high school, students across the nation took part in a mass protest for Ferguson, walking out of classes and staging “die-ins” and demanding the powers-that-be put in place some real reforms in police departments’ policies.

“We come from a privileged background, and it’s easy for many of our friends to deny what’s going on in this country,” one white protesting Manhattan prep school student told WABC. “But we feel it’s our duty to speak up for what’s right — speak up for justice.”

Students at Harvard, Texas A&M and Stanford were among those to participate in Ferguson protesters’ appeal for a widespread school and workplace walkout to decry the grand jury ruling that let then-Officer Darren Wilson go free of charge in the Aug. 9 shooting death of teen Michael Brown, CNN reported.

Just outside Harvard Law School, dozens of students lay on bricks — a “die-in” to show solidarity with Ferguson protesters. More did similarly in St. Louis and before the Justice Department in Washington, soon after taking to Twitter to further their appeals for more to participate.

“High school students staged a walkout today,” tweeted @amNewYork, next to a picture of the packed protest scene, CNN reported. ” ‘Ferguson is everywhere’ is their rallying call.”

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