- The Washington Times
Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly said during a recent broadcast that many protesters rallying around the Ferguson theme — the “Hands up, don’t shoot” attitude and gesture that suggest police unfairly target black victims — are basing their outrage on false views.

Rather, crime statistics show that blacks often bring the police presence onto themselves, he said, Mediaite reported.

There is no “plague of white cops acting violently against blacks,” Mr. O’Reilly said, citing statistics that show black-on-black crime is widespread. “Anyone thinking clearly can see that the homicide rate among blacks [is] way out of proposition. Thus the police intrusion into black precincts.”

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said similarly a few days ago — that the presence of police in black communities was due to the fact that blacks commit a high percentage of crimes, and the way to oust police from the neighborhood was to stop committing crimes.

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