- - Thursday, December 11, 2014

The establishment Republicans are absolutely in shock that the grass roots and Tea Party types aren’t falling in line with $1.1 trillion spending bill.

Heck, I remember back in the olden days when a $500 billon bill was a lot of money, but today that and promises made by Democrats seem to be the same thing, chump change, and as usual, Republicans are the chumps.

It’s fascinating to watch how easily the Republican leadership is always played the fool by Democrats. From this week’s release of the seriously flawed unintelligence report on the CIA to the new spending bill, Republicans, even before they assume power, are doing what we feared, playing nice and losing ground.

Let me give you a tip, House Speaker John Boehner: Every time you think you’re being cute or clever, the president, Harry Reid or Nancy Pelousy runs circles around you and we, the American people, get stuck with the bill. Here’s what is frustrating: You never seem very upset about losing, and you fall for it every time.

The Charlie Brown and Lucy football analogy has gotten old, so let’s give it an updated more applicable definition: “Boehnering” or “Being Boehnered.”
Webster’s Dictionary will define it as “the act of being fooled or outmaneuvered in clearly obvious ways.”

Examples would include:

“The con man, Boehnered the little old lady out of her retirement money”;

“Watch how we Boehner the little baby’s candy from him”;

“The people keep getting Boehnered by the Republicans and may seek a new party.”

The problem with the “Boehnering of America” is that we the people keep paying the price for your mistakes. Standing strong for jobs, the economy, and stopping Obamacare and amnesty all run off Mr. Boehner’s tongue like he’s the leader of the Tea Party. But when it comes down to passing a bill, or not spending money at a critical time, or standing up against President Obama, Mr. Boehner caves, like the master Boehnerer he is.

Please Mr. Speaker, learn from your past losses so the Republican can do what they were put back in power to; stop spending so much darn money, stop Obamacare, stop the IRS abuses and stop amnesty. Give the voters a reason to keep you there, we are already running out of patience with you.

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