- The Washington Times
Thursday, August 7, 2014

Former Republican candidate and one-time presidential hopeful Herman Cain — who’s political star fell on the heels of adultery and sexual harassment allegations — says the tea party movement that he helps lead is far from ended.

“The tea party movement, in terms of its impact, is still very strong,” Mr. Cain said during a Fox News interview. “The key thing is it’s called many of the incumbents to move more towards the right, relative to what the tea party message is.”

Mr. Cain brought up a recently conducted Washington Post-ABC News poll and cited its all-time low approval number for Congress as proof of the growing American dissatisfaction with the status quo — and by logical extension, the open door that gives to the tea party.

“I think the dissatisfaction is growing but not necessarily translating to the ballot box so far,” he said, Politico reported.

Mr. Cain was an emerging political power in the Republican Party until several accusations of sexual harassment and adultery stymied his presidential campaign in 2011.

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