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Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Russians moved in — and McDonald’s moved out. With the annexation of Crimea, McDonald’s has stopped operating in the region.

Life has slowly been changing in the region after a Russian takeover there several weeks ago. Now, fast-food mega-chain McDonald’s has announced it is closing all its restaurants in the troubled region due to “reasons beyond our control.”

“The company has provided an opportunity to all employees … to transfer to any other McDonald’s restaurants in Ukraine preserving their positions, salaries and fees and paying to relocate employees and their families,” a statement from the company said.

Experts said it is likely a number of factors that’s making McDonald’s leave, including worries about continued violence in the region and possible restrictions on its business from international sanctions placed on Russia following the invasion.

Likewise, the Ukraine postal service has now said it can no longer deliver mail to Crimea, and asked the international community to “suspend the dispatching to Ukraine of any international postal items addressed to the Crimea.”

The nation’s postal service, the Ukrposhta, simply sited “difficulties,” in delivering the mail.

The U.S., U.N., and much of the international community have condemned the Russian takeover of Crimea, and said they will continue to treat the region as part of Ukraine.

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