- The Washington Times
Friday, April 4, 2014

Vice Adm. Jan Tighe was just appointed to head up the U.S. Fleet Cyber Command and U.S. 10th Fleet, making her the “first female commander of a numbered fleet in U.S. Navy history,” the military branch reported.

Adm. Tighe takes over for Adm. Michael Rogers, who’s taking on the director role at the National Security Agency and leading up the U.S. Cyber Command, CNN reported.

The Navy also announced that she’s the third commander in the fleet’s history.

Jan Tighe, you are one of the best people that our military has across all of the services,” said Gen. Keith Alexander, a recently retired NSA official, during a Fort Meade ceremony earlier this week, CNN reported. “You are exceptional in every category, and you will do great with the 10th Fleet, which I believe is just a stepping stone for future things for you.”

Adm. Tighe was born in Kentucky, raised in Florida and graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy. Her new role means she leads the U.S. Fleet Cyber Command, and its cryptologic operations and electronic warfare.

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