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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A former Navy SEAL who was shot in the stomach after an altercation in an Ohio parking lot managed to chase his attacker’s getaway car in his own vehicle before plugging the wound and driving himself for help.

Christopher Mark Heben, 44, was en route to the Mustard Seed Market & Cafe in Akron when he was almost hit by a car in the parking lot. After exchanging words with the driver, Mr. Heben was later approached by the car again. As it departed, he felt a shooting pain in his stomach and realized he had been shot.

Mr. Heben, who has seen action in Iraq, Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan, followed his assailant’s gray sports car before eventually driving himself to the Bath Township Police and Fire Department — all while managing to plug the gunshot wound on his own, the Daily Mail reported.

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Bath Township Police Chief Michael McNeely told the Akron Beacon Journal Online that police are reviewing videos from local businesses and that authorities have received several solid leads.

Meanwhile, it hasn’t taken Mr. Heben long to start pushing himself forward.

“I’ve been up walking around, yesterday and again this morning,” he wrote on his Facebook page while recovering in Akron General Medical Center. “The nurses are telling me to ‘take it slow’. Yeah right!”

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