- The Washington Times
Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Egypt’s Urgent Cases court upheld a government ban on the Muslim Brotherhood on Wednesday, sending yet one more message that the party that staged the mass protests against the military for ousting Mohammed Morsi from the presidency was not welcome.

A court already ruled in September that the Brotherhood could in fact be outlawed, as the government ordered. But an attorney tied to the leftist Tagammu political party brought an appeal, arguing that the residents of Egypt needed protection against government attack, Reuters reported.

But the court said no, Reuters reported.

“In its scheduled session today, the Cairo Urgent Cases court dismissed an appeal raised by the Muslim Brotherhood to stop the execution of the previous order banning the activities of the group,” the state-run media outlet MENA reported.

Still, Muslim Brotherhood members vow to continue the fight.

“We will appeal again and again until we banish this law,” said attorney Faisal el-Sayyed, who’s representing the Muslim Brotherhood in court, and who is a member, Reuters reported.

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