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Monday, March 18, 2013

The 23-year-old son of New York City’s fire commissioner has been forced to issue an apology after tweets he sent out professed a personal dislike for Jewish people — in much the same way Hitler did.

The Associate Press says Joseph Cassano, who also works as an emergency medical technician for the city, tweeted a handful of racist and derogatory messages about blacks, Jews and the poor.

Mr. Cassano apologized on Monday, saying he felt bad about “posting some comments that were offensive, especially since I enjoy my job and treat every patient with great care and respect,” AP reports.

His father, Fire Commissioner Salvatore Cassano, did not release a comment to the press, AP says.

The New York Post reports some specific tweets: “Getting sick of picking up all these Obama lovers and taking them to the hospital because their Medicare pays for an ambulance and not a cab,” the younger Mr. Cassano tweeted on Feb. 3. In another, he referred to black people as “shwoog.” And one more: “I like Jews about as much as Hitler.”

He also tweeted complaints about his job, describing his work as “the worst,” The Post reported.

And on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the younger Mr. Cassano tweeted, The Post reports: “MLK could go kick rocks for all I care, but thanks for the time and a half today.”

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