- The Washington Times
Monday, January 28, 2013

Organizing for Action — President Obama’s new nonprofit to bolster his public relations sell of policy to a nationwide audience — has just been handed the golden key of political campaigning: a massive computer database of American voter preferences.

The database reportedly contains the names and contact information of more than 4 million of Mr. Obama’s donors, as well as information on millions of other registered votes.

“It’s extremely worrisome,” said Lillie Coney, associated director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, in an NBC report.

Most supporters probably don’t know that their personal information now is being used for post-election political reasons.

The nonprofit already has kicked off its first public relations campaign. Late last week, Organizing for Action staffers reached out to the president’s supporters on gun control, asking them to call congressional members and even telling them what to say, NBC reported.

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