- The Washington Times
Friday, February 8, 2013

House Democrats in Colorado made good on vows to tighten gun laws in the state, and on Thursday introduced a package of bills that would do everything from banning high-capacity ammunition magazines to mandating background checks on all gun sales.

The proposals came just two days after the Democrats held an emotion-filled press conference, during which they pledged to reduce gun-related crime in the state, the Denver Post reported.

Democrats plan to bring forth eight different gun-control bills. On Thursday, they formally introduced half, the Denver Post reported. In addition to the magazine limits and background check requirements, the legislation also imposes fees on would-be purchasers to get their background checks conducted, and prohibits concealed weapons on all college campuses, the Denver Post continues.

Currently, background checks in the state are free, the report said.

The penalty for violating the magazine provision — if passed in the Democrat-controlled state legislature — could bring a year in jail along with fines, the Denver Post said.

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