- The Washington Times
Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rep. Steve King, a Tea Party favorite from Iowa, is taking a political challenge from Karl Rove’s American Crossroads directly to the people: Donate directly to me, he said.

“Already Karl Rove and his army have launched a crusade against me,” Mr. King wrote, in Sunday’s New York Times, according to Politico. And polls indicate that while Mr. King leads as a GOP primary candidate, his chances dwindle in a general election race.

“They said I couldn’t win in 2012 — the entire political machine was against me — but I soundly defeated my opponent by eight percentage points,” he wrote, Politico continued. “So let me be clear. Nobody can bully me … not even Karl Rover and his hefty war chest.”

Mr. King then asks readers to donate a few dollars to his campaign to “ward off Karl Rove’s baseless attacks.”

Mr. Rove’s newly created American Crossroads has been criticized by some as the political strategist’s means of ousting Tea Party candidates, and purging the Republican Party of those who lean too far right.

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