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Monday, February 4, 2013

The University of Michigan is being accused of booting a Christian club off campus for requiring club leaders to sign a statement of faith — a policy the college says violates its anti-discrimination policy.

Greg Jao, Asian InterVarsity’s field director, told Fox News that the university gave the club two options for its Asian chapter: Revise its constitution or leave.

“The university is sending the message that religious voices are suspect and should be marginalized,” Jao told Fox News. “I think it sends the message that the university does not understand the nature of religious beliefs and the convictions of religious students.”

A University of Michigan spokesperson released a statement saying the Asian InterVarsity Christian Fellowship did not complete the process for reinstatement, which would require the group to sign the university’s standard non-discrimination agreement and submit their revised constitution.

The spokesperson would not elaborate further.

“The sad place that we’ve arrived at is that certain campuses in pursuit of tolerance and diversity – are now saying they will use those standards to discriminate and marginalize viewpoints they disagree with,” Jao told Fox.

The club has since relocated off campus.

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