- The Washington Times
Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A prominent member of China’s Communist Party went on a rampage at Kunming Changshui International Airport, after the stresses of a poor travel experience finally took their toll. A video of the scene, meanwhile, has gone viral online.

Yan Linkun, who is a leading member of a political advisory body of the Communist Party and a worker with a mining company, and his family — his wife and two 10-year-old boys — missed their flight to Shenzhen, according to a report by NBC. They were scheduled for another flight the following day — only missed that one, too.

The man went nuts, NBC reported. Airport surveillance video showed the man pushing against the glass door leading to the boarding gate, smashing his hand on a desk top and screaming, while grabbing a keyboard from a computer and throwing it. He continued to hurl equipment, NBC reports, and ultimately tried to break down the gate door.

Then his wife joined in and smashed a coffee cup, according to the report.

Shocked airport security personnel and travelers stood by and watched, the tape shows.

Police and Communist Party officials are still investigating whether to charge him. The man has lost his job, however, with the mining company, Yunnan Mining Corp., according to NBC.

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