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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Former President Jimmy Carter, who touts one of the lowest average approval ratings among all U.S. chief executives for his 1977-1981 term of office, said President Obama’s biggest problem is Congress.

Mr. Obama “hasn’t been able to accomplish very much” because of the “most uncooperative Congress” in history, he said in a Politico report.

That’s unlike the Congress that served during his administration, he said in the report. Back then, both Democrats and Republicans supported his policies, Mr. Carter claimed.

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“I never had that,” Mr. Carter said, speaking in Politico of the current partisan Congress that fights against Mr. Obama. “I had very good support from Democrats and Republicans all throughout my administration. I had a very high batting average.”

Gallup, meanwhile, lists a 45.5 percent average approval rating for Mr. Carter — one of the lowest for all presidents. By comparison, Gallup lists Ronald Reagan with an average 52.8; George H.W. Bush with a 60.9; Bill Clinton with a 55.1; and George W. Bush with a 49.4. Only Harry Truman was listed with a lower average approval rating, 45.4, than Mr. Carter, according to Gallup’s list.

Mr. Carter also expressed sadness at his inability to forge a close relationship with Mr. Obama.

“I met with him early in his administration. We don’t really have any relationship,” he said, according to Politico. “I wish it was a closer one.”

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