- The Washington Times
Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Loose lips sink ships was the Navy’s phrase during World War II. In the age of Twitter, the Navy is hoping loose lips saves ships.

With Congress not in session, the Navy’s top public affairs officer, Rear Adm. John Kirby, took to the social media website to let the public know how sequestration budget cuts would affect its ability to protect the nation.

Some of the details in budget projections provided by Adm. Kirby include:

• Reduce investment in ships, aircraft, weapons, R&D by $7.75 billion.

• Up to 30-40 fewer ships in fleet by 2030.

• By October, forces in the continental United States will require 9-plus months to deploy due to maintenance and training curtailments.

The Navy’s official Twitter account also retweeted the information, which went out to more than 114,000 individuals.

It is generally frowned upon when the different military branches publicly try to influence lawmakers. While putting for a straightforward appraisal of how budget cuts will delay or end projects is not new, the timing and the platform the Navy chose as sequestration nears suggests a much more aggressive approach to the information war.

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