- The Washington Times
Tuesday, February 19, 2013

If Missouri state Rep. Mike Leara has his way, it will be a felony to propose gun control legislation.

Mr. Leara introduced a bill Monday that would make “any member of the general assembly who proposes legislation that further restricts an individual’s right to bear arms” guilty of a felony.

News website TheBlaze reports that Mr. Leara, a St. Louis Republican, introduced his bill in response to legislation proposed by Democrats that would ban semi-automatic rifles and force law-abiding citizens to turn them over or face legal consequences.

“I filed [this bill] as a matter of principle and as a statement in defense of the Second Amendment rights of all Missourians. I have no illusions about the bill making it through the legislative process, but I want it to be clear that the Missouri House will stand in defense of the people’s constitutional right to keep and bear arms,” Mr. Leara said.

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