- The Washington Times
Thursday, February 14, 2013

Las Vegas obviously didn’t receive the White House memo on gun control. The “sin city” is bucking national anti-Second Amendment trends and offering decidedly pro-firing, pro-gun specials that include massive amounts of ammunition, high-powered Uzis and made-for-movie ammunition belts.

ABC reports one Law Vegas shooting range is offering “take a shot at love” packages that provide shooters with 50 submachine-gun rounds.

Another Las Vegas deal, ABC reports, gives brides and grooms the option of posing with Uzis and ammunition belts for their wedding photos.

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Valentine’s Day deals abound.

The shooting ranges are offering the chance to fire military-grade weapons that just can’t be shot in other states, ABC says. And for targets, shooters can fire away with semi-automatic weaponry at photos of former spouses and partners, ABC reports.

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