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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Mexico’s leading lady, Gov. Susana Martinez, has come out in support of a bill to impose background checks for those who buy firearms at gun shows.

The bill, sponsored by a Democrat, also would pave the way for state records on mental health patients and convicted criminals to be brought into the federal instant background check system, according to a report on Newsmax.

“We want to make sure that guns aren’t sold to a felon or someone who’s mentally ill at a gun show,” the governor said in a Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper report.

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Progressives are applauding.

“We don’t often agree with the governor on policies like these,” said Pat Davis, executive director of Progress Now New Mexico, in the New Mexican report. “When progressives like us can agree with conservatives like her on gun law reform, New Mexico should sit up and take note.”

The bill is set for a full House debate on Wednesday.

The governor’s support is somewhat of a surprise for political watchers. Mrs. Martinez’s record for gun rights is well-known; in 2011, her political director posted a video of her requalifying for her concealed carry permit. The New Mexican newspaper reports she earned a score of 100 on both .38- and .45-caliber handguns.

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