- The Washington Times
Monday, August 12, 2013

Norway’s prime minister worked secretly as a taxi cab driver for a day as a way of getting to know the views of ordinary people.

Behind the wheel for the first time since taking office, Jens Stoltenberg picked up people around the capital Oslo while being filmed by a hidden camera, Reuters reported.

The swap happened in June but Mr. Stoltenberg only revealed the footage on his Facebook page Sunday.

“It is important for me to hear what people really think,” he told local media. “And if there is one place people really say what they think about most things, it’s in the taxi.”

The Labour politician debates several topics with his customers, with a lot of them blowing his cover before he could. One elderly gentlemen said how similar he looks to Mr. Stoltenberg from the side, Reuters reported.

“Have you quit as prime minister?” one passenger asked.

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