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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Many consider President Obama and former President Bill Clinton to have some of the sharpest minds, yet these men’s recent remarks suggest otherwise.

Both Mr. Obama and Mr. Clinton freely express their thoughts and opinions until criticized, then they backtrack and make lame excuses. If only for a limited time, and because of the poor economy, Mr. Clinton complimented GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, the positive effects of Bain Capital and the need to continue the George W. Bush tax cuts for all. The Democrats went after him immediately. Mr. Clinton soon relented and attacked Mr. Romney, claiming he thought the tax issue had to be dealt with before the election and, actually, Mr. Obama’s approach of taxing the rich was right.

Mr. Obama said the private sector is doing fine, and when critics have pointed out that it is, in fact, still struggling, he said, of course, more has to be done. More disturbing, though, is his take on the numerous leaks of critical information that should have been classified. These have put our intelligence gathering at risk, caused our allies to lose faith in us and put at risk the lives of people who have aided us.

Mr. Obama really seems to think the White House is his, and his concerns are for himself and his supporters, not the United States.


Centerville, Mass.

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