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Sunday, February 19, 2012


It is well known that the use of contraceptives and abortions are violations of Catholic Church doctrine. But few non-Catholics (and even fewer in the media) understand just how important this teaching is. Forcing Catholics to provide contraception is not, for example, like making them eat meat on Fridays, or making them dress a certain way. Use of contraception is, according to 1966’s Humanae Vitae, a mortal sin, which means that the Obama administration would effectively be sending every Catholic to burn in hell for all eternity.

Forcing Catholic institutions to fund contraception and abortions for its employees under Obamacare is clearly a violation of its doctrine and religious freedom. It is, in the eyes of Catholics, forcing millions to go to hell - it’s hard to imagine something more offensive to our nation’s largest religious denomination.

Does the administration want to force the Catholic Church to abandon its missions in health, education and welfare in order to be true to its beliefs?

It could happen; it’s already beginning to happen. Because of the radical liberal homosexual agenda, Catholic Charities already has had to close adoption agencies in states where it is considered unfair discrimination to refuse to give children to homosexual couples. By forcing the Catholic Church, history’s largest social service organization, out of business, aren’t we throwing out the baby and keeping the bath water?

Not only does the government want you to pay more in taxes to fund government welfare programs, but it also wants to put out of business its chief competition: religion. Is this issue just another way for the government to increase its power in society by taking over these services? Is it better that those in need look to the church or the government for help? Personally, I’d rather look to the church.

I have always been amazed that the left has more faith in government than in religion. No one has a worse record at serving the needy than governments; no one has a better record than the 2,000-year-old Catholic Church.

Not only does the left value the state over religion, but it values sexual freedom over religious freedom. So ardently does President Obama want contraception to be free that he is willing to redistribute wealth and force Catholics to send themselves to hell in order to accomplish it.

Why free contraception? The standard line is “women’s health.” But why just women’s health? Why not men’s health too? And why just women’s sexual health? Why free contraception and not free checkups, free mammograms, free medication? But the talking points are never challenged in the media; the president never has to answer for these points. Any mention of women and he is immediately a saint. The most he can say is, as he said to reporters in Italy about this controversy, “Come on, guys.”

You are already paying for other people’s abortions. This same President Obama refused to even discuss cutting Planned Parenthood funding in last year’s budget negotiations. Later, talking about the negotiations, Mr. Obama was caught on a hot mic asking, “Do they think we’re stupid?” No, but I’m getting the impression that he thinks we are.

Now the Left wants you to pay for other people’s contraception. It’s not enough that you pay for other people’s abortions, other people’s health care, other people’s pensions, other people’s cellphones and other people’s housing. Now you must pay for other people to have as much sex as they want. That, after all, is the real goal of the pro-abortion movement: infinite sex per omnia saecula saeculorum. If they’re willing to kill babies for sexual freedom, they’re willing to take your money for it, too.

The left always wants more: Who would have imagined gay “marriage” 30 years ago? There will be more demands; they may not be obvious to most of us now, but if history is any guide, they will encroach upon our freedom even more in the future.

This is not just about contraception; this is about the future of liberty in America.

Come on, guys.

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