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Monday, August 20, 2012


In “November’s unenviable choices” (Commentary, Thursday) Judge Andrew P. Napolitano equally blames President Obama, along with his administration, and the Republicans for bad government spending. Judge Napolitano compares Rep. Paul Ryan, Wisconsin Republican and GOP vice-presidential candidate pick, to Democrats — even though Mr. Ryan submitted the best budget plan so far and the Democrats have had no budget for almost four years.

Judge Napolitano blames Mr. Ryan for voting for the Middle East war that saved the country from more destruction by terrorists after Sept. 11, 2001, at the cost of $1 trillion dollars. Apparently he didn’t add up the $5 trillion Mr. Obama and the Democrats spent for friends, political supporters and re-election, along with dubious projects including the more than $500 million Solyndra loan-guarantee debacle.

But I also agree with the judge when he writes that many voters may have the “anybody-but-Obama” urge after they add up the $16 trillion national debt and look at the fiscal cliff coming up. What worries me greatly is that after passing 41 laws still sitting on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s desk, the Republicans are still accused of being the same “tax-and-spend” legislators as the Democrats.


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