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The ugliest form of racism is accusing others of racism when there is none. Throwing around the terms “racist” and “racism” has been a tactic of the left for decades. Surely we can all agree that Martin Luther King Jr. would not endorse such an ugly tactic, as he wanted us to judge each other on the content of our character rather than our skin color.

While falsely accusing others of racism for years, the left has ratcheted up its vitriolic and false claims now that President Obama is in office.

The actor Morgan Freeman, who obviously leans way to the left, is the most recent, egregious example of someone willing to claim racism where there is none.

In a disjointed rant on CNN’s Piers Morgan’s program, Mr. Freeman accused the Tea Party members of racism because of their opposition to Mr. Obama.

The real racist is not the Tea Party but the Oscar-winning actor.

Racists often are not well informed or choose to be intellectually isolated because of deep-seated prejudice and hate. Had Mr. Freeman removed his racist blinders and analyzed the Tea Party closely and honestly, he would have found an organization ideologically opposed to Mr. Obama’s policies and not his skin color.

He wouldn’t even have had to do that. A quick review of the GOP contenders for president would have enabled him to see that Herman Cain, a black contender, enjoys substantial support by the very Tea Party that Mr. Freeman claims is racist. Mr. Cain just recently won a straw poll in Florida.

Had Mr. Freeman chosen to analyze the plight of black Americans under Mr. Obama’s tenure, he would have found a dismal and bleak state of affairs. The unemployment rate of black Americans has skyrocketed to almost 17 percent during Mr. Obama’s short tenure. Maybe Mr. Freeman would contend that is George W. Bush’s fault or blame the Tea Party for a sinister, racist plan to destroy black America. He would be dead wrong again.

Because of high unemployment rates, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, Missouri Democrat and member of the Congressional Black Caucus, recently stated that caucus members would “probably be marching on the White House” if President Obama were not the president. One has to wonder if Mr. Freeman read that.

Regarding the Congressional Black Caucus, Rep. Allen B. West, Florida Republican, is also a member of the Tea Party and enjoys wide appeal because of his limited-government policies. Of the Tea Party members to whom I have spoken, many hope Mr. West will one day run for president.

If Mr. Freeman could further remove his racist blinders and study the historical condition of black America, he would find the black community was vibrant and strong 60 years ago. This is not the case today. Instead of leaping to ugly and unfounded charges of racism, Mr. Freeman should ask some fundamental questions about what has happened to black America and who is responsible for the destruction.

The real architects of the destruction of black America are Democratic Party members who have lied to and manipulated black Americans into believing that the federal government is the answer to improving their condition when, in reality, it is the destroyer of black America. One has to wonder if Mr. Freeman could admit this obvious conclusion.

America faces a steep uphill challenge. The Tea Party thinks the way ahead for all Americans is a reduced federal government that employs fiscal sanity. This is not a racist political ideology but rather an ideology that champions turning away from the expansive growth of government that has occurred in the past 50 years. Staying on the current course will lead to the destruction of America.

How about it, Mr. Freeman? We are all getting rather bored with the knee-jerk-fits-all racist accusations. Surely you can do better than that. You are a great actor. Find a better script.

Ted Nugent is an American rock ‘n’ roll, sporting and political activist icon. He is the author of “Ted, White, and Blue: The Nugent Manifesto” and “God, Guns & Rock ‘N’ Roll” (Regnery Publishing).

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