Thursday, January 6, 2011


Speaking about a National Football League game canceled because of a snowstorm in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Gov. Edward G. Rendell stated that America has turned into a nation of “wusses.”

That’s a mighty bold statement from a Democrat whose party platform is to create wusses. If it weren’t for dependent wusses that the Democratic Party creates and coddles, the party would be extinct.

Truth politics aside, I couldn’t agree more with the governor. I have been yelling about this from American rooftops for decades. My mantra has been simple: Upgrade, America, or flounder on like the soulless sheep you are becoming. You have a president and Congress and a gaggle of wuss-loving czars. The wusses have it made. No spines allowed.

Too many Americans have become soft, complacent and apathetic and have a sense of crybaby entitlement. The good old American roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-the-job-done attitude has been going the way of the dodo for decades. We’ve all heard about the jobs Americans are not willing to do. Wusses.

Rugged individualism, that glorious, animal can-do spirit, perseverance and self-reliance are anachronisms for today’s dependent, weak, wuss Americans.

Trying hard is just too hard for some Americans, who have been wussified into a state of dependency. Food stamps are for wusses, and the master wussy Democrats have seen to it. It’s easier to be a lazy lump. The truth hurts. Only the guilty need feel guilty.

So many parents have failed miserably. Instead of instilling sacrifice, discipline, pride, hard work and motivation in our kids, too many parents coddle their children, trying to be their friends. Wuss parents raise wuss kids. The cycle remains unbroken.

Our public schools do not demand nearly enough from our kids. Our kids need more scholastic challenges, not fewer. However, some public schools have even gone so far as to implement “no failing” standards whether or not students do their homework. Feeling good isn’t doing good. This is a proven recipe for terminal mediocrity. Bend over, America. The Chinese are coming.

Way too many of our kids can’t read, talk, write or do basic arithmetic at their grade level. Far too many American kids drop out of school because they have been trained not to care. The public education system is the model for the wussification of America. Get your pretend diploma from Wussie U. and go nowhere.

Physical fitness is a sad joke. Our kids are the fattest, softest, slowest in the world and probably the most out of shape; statistics for their parents are worse. Forty percent of our youth are considered either overweight or obese. Fat is in; fit is out. Look around you if you doubt me. The curse of blubber in America is a reality.

Dependency abounds. Too many Americans think Fedzilla should provide them everything from housing to health care. And Fedzilla is trying its hardest to accommodate them while bankrupting America in the process and doing its best to rape the producers. Only an uneducated and unmotivated American wuss could possibly believe that a bloated Fedzilla knows what is best for him.

These wusses don’t want to learn how to fish for themselves. They are addicted to Fedzilla’s programs, which only serve to make them more dependent on Fedzilla. What say you, Mr. Rendell?

Lean is mean. Less is more. Weak is defeat.

Those Americans who seek to turn this ugly thing around know that tough love is the first dose of the anti-wuss antibiotic that needs to be instilled into America. Excuses and coddling deserve to be punished; trying hard should be rewarded.

Parents should turn off the television, computer games, video games and cell phones. These things make Americans, especially our kids, soft, uninspired, anti-social wusses.

Every kid in America should have at least 10 chores every day and do homework for a couple of hours every night at the kitchen table. Parents and teachers should act more like U.S. Marine Corps drill sergeants than coddling softies who are more worried about little Billy’s and Suzy’s feelings than they are about turning Billy and Suzy into unstoppable, motivated, hard, smart and confident Americans.

America has perfected the art of making wusses instead of hard-charging, freedom-addicted people like our forefathers. We are now wusses raising wusses, which is generational suicide. We are eating our young and liking it.

The way out of this is so simple, it’s stupid. All it takes is some tough love and commitment by everyone in the social and cultural chain, many of whom are wusses themselves. They need to be weeded out and excommunicated.

America needs hard-charging warriors, not weak wusses.

Ted Nugent is an American rock ‘n’ roll, sporting and political activist icon. He is the author of “Ted, White and Blue: The Nugent Manifesto” and “God, Guns & Rock ‘N’ Roll” (Regnery Publishing).

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