Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The perfect storm gave rise to the Tea Party movement. Jeffrey Kuhner is right on target when he writes, “The 1960s unleashed powerful forces - militant feminism, anti-Americanism, pacificism and the sexual revolution” (“Tea Party ‘terrorists,’ ” Commentary, Friday).

All these have led us to what we are today: a vulnerable, weakened, bankrupt society. This is one process by which other countries fall to communism and dictatorships. But thank God that our Founding Fathers foresaw this day. Because our Constitution grants power to “we, the People” we have the power to rise up when our government tries to overpower us.

The progressives have long been working to take guns away from law-abiding civilians; God out of our schools, workplaces, military and society; and tax us so heavily that we become crippled, begging for government handouts. They have been working to break capitalism and the stock market, and in so doing, wipe out our retirement and our futures.

They have been working to take control of our very bodies by taking over health care, deciding what we should eat. They have worked to control our medical care by mandating that it will be rationed. The progressives are working hard to put our country in ruins. These are not the workings of a free society.

The Tea Party, consisting of concerned Americans compelled to action, have come in like the cavalry and have been so effective that progressives, including our vice president, have called them “terrorists,” a term this administration won’t even pin on al Qaeda. The Tea Party’s members have been called jihadists and other names by the progressive media, when in reality they are just Americans who want to preserve America. The Tea Party is our last line of defense against the onslaught of this administration’s takeover of America. Many of us know it; more need to. That is why the left fears us. We will take them out at the ballot box. The Tea Party is here to stay.


Berwyn Heights, Md.

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