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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Trump for president? What’s so funny about that?

What we need right now is a businessman - someone who has built a financial empire, come close to losing it and returned from the void. That’s a leader with real-world experience. Remember Ross Perot? Everyone laughed at him, too. But what did he say about free trade and NAFTA? “The result of this is going to be a giant sucking sound as jobs and money leave America.” Well, I think we all hear that sucking sound now.

Mr. Perot understood business, trade and how money moves. So does Donald Trump. If we want economic recovery and jobs, we need someone who is a hands-on expert in that field and who actually has to live with his business decisions.

The GOP and Karl Rove can sneer at Mr. Trump, but the fact is Republicans, in spite of their recent election victories, are proving themselves to be self-serving. Let’s have a real person on the ballot this time - a guy who goes to work and actually earns his money.


Fairfax, Va.

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