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Monday, December 27, 2010

Saving France

“In the course of this story, Batman, aka Bruce Wayne, decides that this man should become the French representative of Batman Incorporated. As Wayne styles the man, he’ll be the ‘French savior.’ He ends up calling himself Nightrunner. So what’s wrong with all this? Only that it is completely absurd and so badly misleads people from any understanding of why riots are really going on in France that it almost qualifies as a crime itself.

“You see, DC Comics has decided that the ‘French savior,’ the French Batman is to be a Muslim immigrant. The character’s name is Bilal Asselah, and he is an Algerian Sunni Muslim and an immigrant that is physically fit and adept at gymnastic sport Parkour. Apparently, Batman couldn’t find any actual Frenchman to be the ‘French savior.’ The whole situation is a misreading of what ails France. The truth is, neither communist Union members nor ‘Neo-Nazi’ parties are causing riots in France. Muslims are. Yet DC Comics is absurdly making a Muslim immigrant the ‘French savior’? This is PC-ism at its worst. Not only that, but it is pretty condescending to France, too.”

- Warner Todd Huston, writing on “Meet the New Batman: An Algerian Muslim Who Saves France from Nazis and Communists,” on Dec. 27 at Big Hollywood

Kwanzaa history

“Yesterday, Comrade Obama and the Bitter Half treated the nation to this uplifting Kwanzaa greeting: ‘Michelle and I extend our warmest thoughts and wishes to all those who are celebrating Kwanzaa this holiday season.’ …

“Kwanzaa was invented by 1960s black power radical Ron Everett, aka Maulana Karenga. Even in the swamps of hippie era radical politics, Karenga stood out as a particularly unsavory character. His United Slaves outfit murdered rival Black Panthers, and Karenga himself was convicted of torturing women, using [vises] and hot soldering irons, among other implements. Kwanzaa was created explicitly to divide Americans by alienating blacks from the Christian holidays that unite us. …

“Hopefully, the irony of pandering to racial separatists by calling for unity in Swahili isn’t lost on any but the most clueless moonbats. Kwanzaa is the perfect moonbat holiday: a thin layer of feel-good multicultural vapidity spread over raw evil.”

- Van Helsing, writing on “Comrade Obama’s Kwanzaa Greetings,” on Dec. 27 at Moonbattery

Gay icon

“Pity Wesley Cook, the Philly cop killer also known as Mumia abu Jamal. For decades, ballads to Mumia’s ‘innocence’ were sung, T-shirts printed and protests made loudly in his name because, to the left, he was a victim of racism, not a murderer. Now, still rotting in well-earned imprisonment, Mumia is passe.

“Enter Bradley Manning, a more fortuitous blend of modern liberal values. Pfc. Manning is gay and was for months characterized as having leaked the classified documents because he was angry at the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ law, which prevented him from proclaiming his homosexuality elsewhere than his Facebook page. Manning, who allegedly copied the vast quantity of classified material onto “Lady Gaga” rewritable music disks, has been in custody since May.

“Since his arrest, he’s been called a ‘political prisoner’ by no less than WikiLeaks’ founder, Julian Assange; the CodePinkos have held rallies to protest his innocence.”

Jed Babbin, writing on “The New Mumia,” on Dec. 27 at the American Spectator

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