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Who are the best and worst bosses on Capitol Hill?

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“Each one of them left for a very specific reason. One moved to Los Angeles. A lot of them left to make more money,” he said.

Rep. Tim Murphy, Pennsylvania Republican, has a 42 percent average turnover rate, peaking at 64 percent in 2006, the year Jayne O’Shaughnessy, a 63-year-old scheduler for Mr. Murphy, was fired after she and five other staffers told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that Mr. Murphy routinely forced office staffers to perform campaign work.

When a television reporter confronted Mr. Murphy with documents pertaining to the mixing of campaign and office business, Mr. Murphy reportedly grabbed the documents and refused to return them.

“He would just flip out,” Ms. O’Shaughnessy said.

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Luke Rosiak is a projects reporter on The Washington Times’ investigative team. He formerly covered lobbying and campaign finance for two watchdog groups as well as transportation for The Washington Post. Luke can be reached at

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