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Obama's allegiance questionable

President Obama and his administration recently took major steps to protect radical Muslims. They even went so far as to use extreme measures to change the Orlando terrorist's expression of allegiance to Allah to an expression of allegiance God in telephone-conversation transcripts. This is an insult to Judeo-Christian religions. Fortunately Mr. Obama failed in this instance.

Price of 'free stuff'

If you want to see how the federal government under a President Hillary Clinton would look and act, look no further than the people's republic of California. Under a progressive legislature and governor, California is building a $68-billion high-speed train from the metropolis of nowhere to the far side of podunk city.

Arkansas knows real Clintons

Daniel Gallington's "The lie that is Hillary" (Web, June 19) provides an excellent summary of Hillary Clinton's "public service" career, and is especially enlightening for the low-information voter. Mr. Gallington answers the question of why the Clintons didn't return to Arkansas by accurately stating that returning would have been the financial and political end for the Clintons.

Character quality ignored

"Hillary Clinton's honesty problem may end up not being much of a problem at all," writes Ben Wolfgang ("Hillary Clinton still backed by voters, with honesty issues aside," Web, June 19). Indeed, that which was once regarded as imperative among most voters — character — is no longer a matter of paramount concern, even when it comes to the election of the president of the United States.

Much change, no hope

In 2008 I contributed $5,002 to 55 different charities. In 2015 I contributed $1,775 to 25 different charities. In seven years even my contributions to my local parish were cut almost in half. That's a 64.5-percent reduction in overall charitable giving.

GOP, not Trump, real problem

It's easy to say that Donald Trump is an obnoxious, egomaniacal buffoon, but the real story might be a little subtler and a little more complex (not that it makes him any more desirable as president).

Nothing 'peaceful' about murder

One would expect that, at some point in his daily security briefings during his more than 2,700 days in office, President Obama would have been informed of the tens of thousands of terrorist attacks that have taken place around the world during his tenure.

Vote to bring back greatness

As a political independent I have a right and requirement to speak. I see a country with two large political parties squirming to either retain or achieve leadership. The Democrats have chosen as their presumptive leader a completely self-serving individual who has never shown any leadership qualities.

Compromise on gun control

Contrary to those who argue that gun control should not be the focus of the Orlando nightclub shootings, I believe that gun control is the overriding issue at play. We clearly have too much of it.

Call it Islamic terrorism

It is laughable that President Obama, while discussing a group named Islamic State, which fights in the name of Islam and is a greater threat to moderate Muslims than all Western countries combined, claims that if we use the words "Islamic terrorism" it will play into their hands and turn this into a war between Islam and the West.

Declare war against ISIS

We have spent far to much blood and treasure in the Middle East fighting Islamic fundamentalists, and now we are being attacked in our own country. This has all taken place without a declaration of war, which is the responsibility of Congress, as written in our Constitution (Article 1 Section 8).

Keep hives alive

I appreciated the article "Wisconsin beekeepers battle dramatic honeybee losses" (Web, June 13). In discussing the plight of these beekeepers, let us not underrate the significance of where these losses are occurring. Wisconsin produces a whopping 58 percent of the nation's cranberry crop, and yielded 40.7 million pounds of apples in 2014. Both of these crops make Wisconsin's top-10 cash crops list, and both depend on pollinators.

Report truth about terror

Mohammad's teachings and the laws of Shariah both give followers commands to act against gays and Jews, and some Muslims are heeding these commands (i.e. Islamic State beheadings, terror bombings in Europe, jihad in Israel, the recent shootings in Orlando).

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