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New terms can't whitewash truth

The Democrats are very astute in revising their political vernacular in order to suit their politically deceptive purposes. For example, a "tax-and-spend liberal" has become a "revenue-and-investment progressive." The terms "liberal" and "progressive" are used to disguise a socialist, as evidenced by the evolution of the Democratic Party since 1968.

'Sex change' science fiction

President Obama is deliberately ignoring a scientific fact that everyone should have learned in elementary school ("Obama administration orders transgender bathroom access in all public schools," Web, May 13).

Reverse anti-Taiwan policy

On May 16, 1966, Chinese dictator Mao Zedong unleashed the murderous Cultural Revolution, which ended a decade later with his death and more than 40 million victims killed. Years after an economic recovery with miraculous capitalist ideas, Chinese President Xi Jinping is pursuing a "China Dream" based on Mao's Communist plans.

Ryan, Trump should compromise

It would be beneficial for Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to choose a different venue to voice his policy disputes with Donald Trump. As speaker, Mr. Ryan can air his concerns with Mr. Trump via his control of the legislative process. Further, any dispute that Mr. Ryan has can be worked out through negotiation. Indeed, the Founding Fathers created the separation of the legislative and executive branches so that different policies and viewpoints could be discussed and adopted.

Hiroshima was joint effort

As President Obama prepares to visit Hiroshima on his trip to Japan this month, it is worth noting that most reporting about the 1945 bombing of that city omits salient facts about the bomb.

FBI at tip of iceberg Hillary

"A conservative crack-up, or Hillary's?" (Web, May 10), while an excellent piece that covers the issues, fails for understandable reasons to face the true endgame of the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton. The endgame is not the response of establishment insiders.

Clinton cash cover-up?

Let's be clear about presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's obvious dodges on releasing transcripts of her speeches to Wall Street bankers. First she said she would release them when the other candidates did so. Well, it's for darn sure that Bernie Sanders didn't give any such speeches, and Republican contender Donald Trump doesn't need to do it. Mrs. Clinton is the only candidate who has given speeches to Wall Street bankers.

West Point's photo failure

The photo of 16 black female cadets with their fists raised in what is commonly known as a gesture showing solidarity with the Black Panthers should have been all the proof the leadership at West Point needed to render these women unfit for service in the United States Army ("White House proud of West Point cadets in black pride photo," Web, May 10).

'Heat' on U.S. not global warming

It is reassuring that global warming frightens President Obama — so much so, in fact, that he has taken a break from neutering the military to put dollars into vital interests such as more Solyndra-type foolishness. For a person gifted with such radiant intelligence,

FDA doing health a disservice

The Food and Drug Administration should regulate itself out of existence ("FDA to re-evaluate term 'healthy,'" Web, May 10). Or perhaps it should just become the "DA" rather than the "FDA." The ensuing decrease in food-supply-caused chronic disease would probably obviate the need for Obamacare.

Protect grizzlies

Well, that didn't take long ("Montana releases draft grizzly hunting guidelines," Web, May 5). Grizzly bears haven't even lost their Endangered Species List protection yet, and already the Walter Palmers of society are loading their guns.

Transgenderism may be mental

The Oregon Department of Education presented its policy interpretation allowing men to enter women's restrooms and lockers rooms based on current gender feelings ("Oregon lays out guidelines for transgender students," Web, May 6). This asymmetrical approach results in a random walk through reflective life.

Obama's press lackeys

Again the Washington press corps has proven that it is nothing more than a shill for the Democratic Party, and for President Obama in particular. Last week Mr. Obama held a press conference at which he took credit for a mythical growing and dynamic economy. He then took questions, and his lackeys in the media bombarded him with their dazzling display of pointed queries on his remarks.

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