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Use captured funds wisely

The war against the Islamic State continues unabated, with the bad guys losing 1,500 to 2,000 fighters per month, according to the Pentagon. In fact, the terrorist group has reportedly lost so many front-line fighters that it is no longer able to replace dead soldiers one-for-one, instead only replacing 25 percent. We have also reportedly been successful in destroying a large chunk of the Islamic State's oil business.

Cruz-Kasich alliance will fail

Fox News host Megyn Kelly tried to knee-cap Donald Trump at the first Republican debate with her very first question. Since then the erstwhile Republican establishment (yes, Megyn, that would include you) have deployed every tactic, dirty trick, sleight of hand and Machiavellian scheme at its disposal to try to derail the Trump funicular as it chugs inexorably toward the top.

Two-party system a failure

This election season we have seen that the Republican and Democratic parties no longer provide the United States a valuable service, assuming they ever did. The Democrats have offered us the most dishonest, least trustworthy, most openly avaricious, most judgmentally challenged candidate for the presidency — possibly in the history of the United States. Yet they support her for no better reason than that she is a Democrat.

'Brexit' a solution for UK

President Obama warns that were the United Kingdom to leave the European Union ("Brexit") our special relationship would be undermined and international order destabilized ("Obama warns British over leaving European Union,' Web, April 22). But this assumes that continuity of foreign policy is the default option. Dare one mention Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya?

School dumb-down

About 15 years ago I was sitting next to a priest at a wedding. He turned out to be the dean of students at my alma mater. I inquired whether he thought the "dumbing down" of our education system had forced the university to lower its standards. He said, 'Are you kidding? When did you enroll?' I told him 1963. He said, 'If our standards now were the same as they had been in 1963, 95 percent of our current students would not have been admitted.'"

Global warming hot air

As part of his global-warming agenda, President Obama has convinced the gullible that increased use of fossil fuels causes increased carbon dioxide in the air.

Time to clean house(s)

Why would anyone ever again vote for a Democrat? We have hundreds of thousands of people looking for work and hundreds of thousands more who have given up looking. We have millions of people who are under-employed; the man who bags my groceries has a college degree.

Cruz right on N.Y. values

I must defend Sen. Ted Cruz and his recent comment about "New York values" ("Ted Cruz: 'New York values' on display when NYPD officers turned backs on Bill de Blasio," Web, April 18). I am a born-and-bred New Yorker from Queens, and am well aware of the New York values to which Cruz referred.

Vote your conscience in November

President Obama has gone too far in accomplishing his promised fundamental transformation of America. He has managed to seriously diminish our national security, double our national debt, damage our economy and create deep divisions among our people with the obsessive promotion of his insidious legacy.

Time to act against Russia, Iran

The massive loss of life on and damage to the U.S.S. Cole in Yemen in October 2000 by Islamist suicide bombers seems to have escaped the attention of our president. President Obama had his bluff called in the Middle East over a "red line" in the sand.

Help stop Zika now

Senate Democrats are correct: The money to battle Zika needs to come now ("Senate Dems to Mitch McConnell: Take up $2B Zika request now," Web, April 18). Global health is a concern for all of us. Zika is spreading, and with the coming of warm weather and mosquitoes it is only a matter of time until it explodes in America.

Clinton, Sanders waste debates

The Democratic presidential debates have become events during which Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders spend their time pointing fingers at each other ("Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders trade blows in contentious Democratic debate," Web, April 14).

Climate cops gone too far

Apparently, if you have questions about the scientific veracity of and political motivation behind climate-change alarmism, the Democrats are coming for you. After reading Valerie Richardson's April 18 front-page piece I'm checking my rearview mirror a lot more frequently ("Democrats plotted to rap climate dissenters").

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