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Bill Clinton the real danger to women

The recent disclosure of Donald Trump's past 'locker-room' blather remains disheartening. But what are more than taxing to digest and countenance are the self-righteous pontifications from the likes of assorted major media columnists and other hypocritical miscreants of the far left regarding this regrettable Trump behavior.

Hillary unsafe at any 'speed'

While all of Queen Clinton's media and all of the establishment cockroaches are scurrying out from under their rocks and clamoring for Donald Trump to withdraw from the race, it is perhaps worthwhile to recall Hillary Clinton's own hypocritical track record on issues of character ("When character is in season," Web, Oct. 19).

Integrity, honesty absent at FBI

The FBI and Department of Justice are prosecuting retired four-star Gen. James Cartwright for mishandling classified information, in the apparent belief that this shows the American public the FBI is willing to prosecute even big-shots.

Remove corruption to fix U.S.

In 1974, we removed a president for lying to the American people and covering up a political burglary. We correctly deemed this necessary to confirm the 'rule of law' and strengthen our republic. In those days no one man or woman was above the law. The 'cancer' on the presidency and government was duly removed.

Pay attention to politics

Given where we find ourselves politically, what are we to do? Thomas Mann said, "In our time the destiny of man presents its meaning in political terms." Given the tremendous power derived from government's monopoly on the legal use of force, make no mistake: It is unwise to ignore politics. Politics is the imposition of will.

Trump too far removed from the people

Donald Trump is an obnoxious idiot who is trying buying his way into the presidency. He will create nothing but division and hate and make the United States a target for all kinds of reactionaries. He is using the tool of demagoguery and extremist politics to get votes as he plays the racist anti-immigration card to the maximum.

Clinton's terror ties

Out of concern for fighting terrorism in their nations and worldwide, political leaders from Egypt and Libya have a simple request: Keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House.

We are our own solutions

None of us will be 'freed' by a politician. However, a single vote can liberate a person. When we step alone into the voting booth in a few weeks, my hope is that we see at the bottom of our ballot, visible only to us, our own names. Why? Because our problems in this life, our true bondages, are in the mirror. If we will look at the mirror again, closely, we will see the solution to our problems.

Don't make victims pay twice

As a Beirut-campaign combat veteran and Oklahoma City bombing rescue volunteer, I understand well the heavy emotional and financial toll that acts of terror take on victims and their loved ones.

Pre-election discourse just drivel

In these times, one might desire the national pre-election dialogue to focus on the wise defense of our nation, the marshalling of tax dollars to actually repair or rebuild our infrastructure, the strengthening of our borders and the overhauling of our education system, which is infested by teachers' unions and politically correct curricula.

Syria, Russia the real threats to U.S.

We are not on the threshold of nuclear war with Russia because of a taped conversation Donald Trump had 11 years ago. Civilization itself is not under imminent threat because Mr. Trump pinched a beauty contestant on the behind in 1986. We face our current critical hour because a "former" Muslim named Barack Obama and a secretary of state with deep ties to the Muslim Brotherhood named Hillary Clinton orchestrated the so-called Arab Spring to overthrow the government of one Muslim nation after the other in order to create a caliphate of nations under the umbrella of the Brotherhood.

We can't afford another Democrat

Electing a Democrat to serve what would effectively be President Obama's third term would cause much worse things to come to pass than the funding of sanctuary cities and Planned Parenthood. And even if a Republican is elected president, a Democratic majority in the legislative branch will serve to undermine new policies.

HSBC market prediction self-serving

I read that HSBC is predicting a major stock market calamity similar to the 1987 crash. Of course, a stock market crash would severely damage hundreds of millions of middle-class workers' retirement portfolios. If it were any other bank except the global criminal enterprise HSBC has become, I'm not sure whether I'd be fearful or dismissive of this analysis.

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