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Erdogan no U.S. ally

Ali Cinar scales the heights of absurdity in trying to portray Turkey as a reliable American ally ("Turkey's critical anti-terror role," Web, Sept. 13). Turkey gave the Islamic State and the Nusra Front arms, free passage across the Syrian border, and even hospitals for their wounded. And now we're supposed to believe they're fighting the Islamic State?

Worse off under Obama

Does anyone else find it interesting that President Obama had to reach all the way back 150 years to slavery to find a time in which African-Americans were in a worse situation than they are now, after eight years of his administration ("Obama mocks Trump: Even 8-year-olds know slavery was bad for black people," Web, Sept. 23)?

Clinton, Obama made U.S. weak

Who in this country thinks that appeasing or buying off the enemy is the right way to go? Hillary Clinton and President Obama have demonized Donald Trump for wanting our country to be strong again; Mrs. Clinton has recently gone so far as to say that because of his stance on terrorism, Mr. Trump is helping to recruit Islamic State terrorists.

Left's selective OK of ID

With the 2016 presidential election approaching, Democrats' attempts to restore voting rights for convicted felons and dismantle voter-ID laws exposes a discredited left desperate to increase turnout by racially manufacturing and exploiting the "voter suppression" fallacy.

Rep. Lewis deserves medal

The Philadelphia Liberty Medal is a highly reputable prize. Rep. John Lewis of Georgia is an excellent choice for this year's recipient ("John Lewis awarded Liberty Medal for civil rights work," web, Sept. 19). The prize has an established history and Mr. Lewis is an effective congressman.

Call terrorism by its name

When will terrorist actions actually be called terrorism by the leaders of this country? After the explosion in New York City, Gov. Cuomo stated that there was no evidence of international terrorism connected to it.

No purse from this sow

Fellow Democrats, wake up. There is nothing -- absolutely nothing -- in either the soul or the track record of Hillary Clinton that should make voters enthusiastic. Virtually every day a new scandal surfaces, and the rumors are that the really big scandals have yet to emerge ("Millennial voters spurning Clinton, but not for GOP," Web, Sept. 19).

Liberals' refugee penance

This week the United States welcomed its 10,000th Syrian refugee. There are 30,000 more waiting in line. This helping of distressed human beings is a big thrill to confused Democrats. It doesn't matter that last Sunday bombs were set off in New York and New Jersey, or that nine people were sliced with a cleaver in Minnesota. And what was the glue that connected these events? Muslim hatred of western values.

What about gang violence?

During my lifetime, both Democratic and Republican presidents, House and Senate members and the mainstream media have shown just how out of touch they are with regular Americans.

Emmys show Hollywood's decline

The insidious injustice of O.J. Simpson getting away with a vicious double murder and then being honored by dominating the Emmy Awards comes as no surprise, as it headlines the reckless decline of the entertainment industry ("'Game of Thrones,' 'Veep' take top honors at Emmys," Web, Sept. 18).

Government often problem, not solution

Many members of the mainstream press have been conditioned to believe that if someone hurts or if there is a problem in society, government must act. Not the private sector; not individual Americans; and not churches or non-profits, but government.

Don't vote with emotions

Defying virtually all the pundits' predictions, Donald Trump has defeated 16 of his opponents. Just a few weeks ago these same pundits resurrected their strongly felt predictions that Mr. Trump was "finished." After being 0 for 16, a person would be rethinking his or her position, right? Wrong.

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