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WIMBLEDON 2012: Capsules on top women’s players

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Country: Denmark

2012 Match Record: 22-11

2012 Singles Titles: 0

Career Singles Titles: 18

Major Titles: 0 _ Best: F, at U.S. Open in `09

Last 5 Wimbledons: `11-4th, `10-4th, `09-4th, `08-3rd, `07-2nd

Topspin: After a half-dozen titles each of the past two seasons, still seeking her first of 2012. Only reached one final so far. … Still looking for her first Grand Slam title. … Won 2006 Wimbledon junior title.


Seeded: Unseeded

Ranked: 53rd

Age: 29

Country: Belgium

2012 Match Record: 10-3

2012 Singles Titles: 0

Career Singles Titles: 41

Major Titles: 4 _ U.S. Open (‘05, `09, `10), Australian Open (‘11)

Last 5 Wimbledons: `11-DNP, `10-QF, `09-DNP, `08-DNP, `07-DNP

Topspin: After being sidelined for about three months with ankle and hip injuries, returned to the tour last week at a grass-court tuneup event in the Netherlands, but withdrew Friday because of a stomach muscle strain. She says she will play at the All England Club one last time, however. … Has announced she’ll retire after the U.S. Open. Already left the tour once, before returning and collecting three of her four career Grand Slam titles.


Seeded: Unseeded

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