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Boston is a bad, banned word in British Columbia

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA (AP) - Boston is quickly becoming a bad _ and banned _ word in British Columbia.

Not only did the Boston Pizza restaurant chain quickly change its name to Vancouver Pizza when the hometown Canucks drew the Bruins in the Stanley Cup finals last week, but an entire town has removed Beantown from its handle.

Boston Bar, a community of about 800 people located 130 miles northeast of Vancouver, has renamed itself Vancouver Bar, ordering replacement signs for June.

Even in such a tiny town, there’s a Tim Hortons restaurant down the road _ but you won’t be able to buy any Boston Creme doughnuts.

The beloved Canadian doughnut chain started by the former Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman of the same name is no longer selling products in B.C. with the name “Boston” in them.

Please enjoy a Vancouver Creme instead.


HALLO DEUTSCHLAND: Another German is about to get his name etched into the Stanley Cup.

Either Vancouver’s Christian Ehrhoff or Boston’s Dennis Seidenberg will join Uwe Krupp as the only German players to win an NHL championship.

After more than a decade playing together on various German national teams, Ehrhoff and Seidenberg say they won’t lose their friendship over one playoff series.

“We talk a little during the season, and when it’s over, we try to go out for coffee after the games,” Ehrhoff said. “This time of year, though, we’re not really talking.”

The 28-year-old Ehrhoff and the 29-year-old Seidenberg have known each other since their days on a German under-18 national team. They’ve played together on three Olympic teams for Germany, even forming a defensive pairing in the Vancouver Games last year.

“We’ve played together since we’ve been 17, at all national tournaments,” Seidenberg said. “We get along well off the ice, but right now we don’t really talk.”

Ehrhoff has been popular with German reporters in recent weeks, doing interviews over the phone after practice. Seidenberg said he hasn’t been pestered quite so much from back home.

“It’s pretty big, but right now they’re all talking about Dirk Nowitzki playing in the NBA finals,” Seidenberg said with a grin. “There’s a little room for us, though.”

Nowitzki, whose finger-roll won Game 2 of the finals for the Dallas Mavericks on Thursday night, even recorded a congratulatory video message for the Canucks and Ehrhoff that played on the Rogers Arena scoreboard during Game 1.

“I saw it, and it was awesome,” Ehrhoff said. “Obviously he’s cheering for the Canucks, so it’s good.”

The shaggy-haired 7-footer might not be the biggest fan of German hockey, however: When he was asked about excluding Seidenberg from his message, Nowitzki acknowledged he had no idea who Seidenberg was _ which makes Seidenberg laugh.

“I follow him a lot,” Seidenberg said. “Obviously, he’s a superstar. I still think he’s a great player. It doesn’t change anything.”

Seidenberg has blossomed into a strong NHL player in his first full season with Boston. He scored a career-best 32 points in the regular season before teaming up with captain Zdeno Chara in the first playoff round to form a shutdown defensive pairing that’s logging plenty of ice time against Vancouver’s Sedin twins.

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